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Lubbock residents urged to conserve water

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Despite all the rain the community has had lately, city officials are planning for the future and encouraging water conservation. In part, the water plan calls Lubbock to use no more than 150 gallons per person, per day by the year 2015.

"The real meat of the plan is that goal of what we said we're going to try and obtain. And we're not held accountable if we don't obtain that. It's just a planning document and a goal," said City of Lubbock, Chief Operation Officer Marsha Reed.

Right now that number is 155 gallons.  The plan also calls for the city to not lose more than 10% of its water supply because of leaky pipes or water main breaks. Officials said the new goal will save our precious commodity and save residents money.

"We are under a water restriction use under the summer and you're supposed to be watering your yard after 6:00 at night, and turn it off before 10:00 in the morning and that conserves," said Reed.

Resident Lauren Clary said she's already saving water and the new ordinance to save five gallons a day will not be difficult. "It's been raining so I turned off my sprinklers completely and the lawn's still growing as fast as ever."

Not only does Clary save outside, she saves inside. "I'll reuse dishes sometimes, just try and reuse them if their clean. I don't wash my clothes unless their dirty. I just worked out so I'm going to wash these."

Reed warns residents to watch where your water goes to conserve even more. "They need to be cautious that the water they are using needs to be on their yards and staying on their yard and not running down the curb, because we will be trying to enforce our ordinance in regards to water and irrigation run-off."

In the future the city hopefully plans to drop that number to 145 gallons per person, per day.

(CLICK HERE) to see a copy of the 26-page plan.

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