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An increase of stray animals means overcrowded shelters

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Last week, two stray dogs hurt and elderly woman and killed her cat. In Lubbock, stray animals continue roam the streets.

Two Lubbock animal shelters, The Haven and Lubbock shelters are saying that it is a mixture of animals in heat and irresponsible pet owners that are causing the influx of dogs and cats.

"Right now as of this morning we have about 120 stray dogs, some people say wow that's a lot. It is especially when you only have about 70 kennels for those dogs," said Lubbock animal shelter supervisor Shawn Byrd.

More stray animals means overcrowded shelters. Both shelters said they have double the amount of animals and not enough space and help.

"Unfortunately we euthanize animals and do it on a daily basis. We just try and keep up the number going in and the number going out an even flow. Adopting animals is our main goal."

The Haven shelter is a no kill animal shelter and unlike the Lubbock shelter turns animals a way. But the owner and founder said that doesn't stop people from dropping animals off.

"We have found a mother cat and kittens in a box out in our driveway," said Dr.Brenda Whilbanks

"People tie it to the fence and we find it in the morning. Some animals are born out here. Some animals have lived their life out here," Said volunteer Karla Wardroup

Karla, a Haven volunteer said both shelters need more help to up keep the shelter because of overcrowding.

"I feel like if I'm here some of the animals that I'm taking care of have it a little bit better. That's huge, more important than money sometimes."

Both shelters said the ultimate solution to the stray animal problem is to spay and neuter your animals along with being a responsible pet owner.

"A lot of people adopt animals and bring them back, because the animals aren't able to get their own food and water," said Karla Wardroup.

Animal control said if you do come in contact with a stray animal, remain still and call 911 if it's an emergency. They said they are not a first responder and can not get to the scene in time if you are in trouble. However, they are obligated to take in all stray animals despite the overcrowding problem.

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