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Cyber Bullying among Lubbock High School students

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Facebook page that is dedicated to insults and accusations appears to target area high school students.

It's titled the "LHS Burn List" and on the page it says it's associated with Lubbock High School.

The idea of a burn list gained its popularity from the movie Mean Girls, but for one website, an idea from that movie has turned into real life.

It's a movie that has become extremely popular among high school students across the country, but what's suppose to be a comedy became reality, and right before Lubbock High School student Gini Woodard's eyes.

"It's like friends talking about your friends on a website that everybody can see and it's just horrible," said Woodard.

Woodard is not a member of the group but says she does know people who are.

"I know whenever I go hang out with my friends, it has come up a couple of times," said Woodard.

The burn book Woodard is talking about is a little different from the movie, it's more of a burn list for everyone to see on Facebook.

"It's pointless to just go out and hurt somebody for fun," said Woodard.

Many wall posts insult victims in a vulgar and demeaning way. Pictures are even posted with captions that poke fun at students' appearances.

It's all a form of cyber bullying, something Cindy Deanda says she has made sure to educate her daughter about.

"There's a certain accountability for parents, I think that the school can only be accountable for certain hours while they are in school, when they are not in school then it's the parents responsibility. The problem there are a lot of parents that aren't taking that responsibility when they are trying to make the school accountable, when there is just so much they can do," said Deanda.

"School's hard enough as it is really it's like why put more pressure on somebody because that's what it leads to," said Woodard.

LISD tells us they did report the website to Facebook and ask that it be removed, but they can not take any further action because this did not occur on campus or during school hours.

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