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Motorcycle Fatalities Trigger Warning From Lubbock Police

Danger on Lubbock streets. This year there have already been 13 traffic fatalities, five involving motorcycles.

With the increasing number of motorcycle accidents, police want to remind drivers of all vehicles how to be street smart. This time of year it's especially important because the weather is right for motorcycle drivers and police say there are more motorcycles on the road.

Motorcycle Safety and You
Texas has one of the largest motorcycle populations in the United States. Before you take to the road, you should know the laws governing motorcycles, and the common sense safety rules.
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"It's our responsibility to expect that yall are going to drive out in front of us, it's something we have to live for and anticipate it," says Tom Richards, a long time rider. Richards has been riding on and off for 30 years, he says the biggest problems on the road are inexperienced riders and drivers that are in too big of a hurry. "There's more bikes on the road then in the past 10 or 15 years, there are more out there, bikes are more economical to ride."

Sergeant B.K. Hurst with the Lubbock Police Department says this is the time of year when the weather is right for bikers. "Probably the most important thing to remember about motorcycles is that they are hard to see, second thing they can carry speed very fast in other words they can go from zero to sixty or seventy."

Their speed is also hard to detect, according to Sgt. Hurst. He says riders know to be aware of the traffic around them, but he says there are two types out there, those who have fallen and those who will fall. "If you're going to ride a motorcycle you need to know what your motorcycle can do, you need to have a license you need to wear the proper clothing and you need to wear a helmet and you need to watch out for cars because they can't always see you and they have a big advantage," said Hurst.

Of the wrecks this year, only one of the riders was wearing a helmet, but in some instances it wouldn't make a difference.

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