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Officers Out to Enforce Click It Or Ticket

All it takes is three seconds to put on a safety belt. Those are seconds that can save you up to $200 and possibly your life. Are people in Lubbock buckling up? NewsChannel 11 rode with area law enforcement to find out the answer.

Lubbock Police Officer Brandon Price is looking for a specific violation for the next two weeks. "You just look at the space between the person and the side of the vehicle usually you can see the post coming across and if you don't, you get closer to see it," said Officer Price.

That's right, if you don't click it, you're getting a ticket. This is the second year for the statewide campaign. "Seems like before the campaign, no one was wearing a seat belt. But two weeks after, everybody was wearing a seat belt," said Officer Price.

So, how did last years click it or ticket campaign effect Lubbock drivers? A state website shows before there was ever a campaign, about 73% of Lubbock drivers were wearing a seatbelt. But after it was completed, 10% more Lubbock drivers decided to buckle up. "I worked it last year and I think I wrote 23 tickets in four hours," said Officer Price.

The Department of Public Safety says most people don't understand that wearing your seat belt can save your life. "We used to issue warnings for not wearing seatbelts. But with fatality crashes becoming such a serious problem, we no longer issue warnings," said DPS Trooper Gaylon Paul.

"The reason why I'm stopping you is because you're wearing your seatbelt improperly," said Trooper Paul to one lady he stopped. Some of the improper ways to wear your seat belt is to wear it behind your arm, behind your neck or just not at all. Any of those will get you a ticket.

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