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Two People Stabbed - Manhunt Continues

The sheriff's report mentions the word 'blood' 27 times. The violence began after Serena Levens told Randall Haynes that their relationship was over. She wasn't at home, but her two sons were, bearing the brunt of a terrible fury.

The helicopter was circling north Lubbock county at two in the morning. Authorities were on the lookout for stabbing suspect Randall Haynes, the carnage of his alleged rampage hidden by the darkness. But when morning arrived, the blood could be seen everywhere.

"The only thing he said was that his mother's boyfriend had gone crazy," said next door neighbor Domingo Galindo. He offered refuge to 16-year-old victim John Mayo. "He comes in, the next thing we see is his body all covered in blood. He says, 'I want to call the police, I need to use your phone."

Meanwhile, at the crime scene, his 21-year-old brother Robbey was trying to keep from bleeding to death. He was stabbed twice in the neck. Haynes then fled on a red Harley, crashing and injuring himself, but still able to elude authorities.

"You all have any luck?," asked the father of one of the victims, looking to police for answers. Despite patrolling the area for hours, authorities had no success in finding Haynes, and simply shook their head at the anxious father.

"We haven't heard from him since Sunday afternoon," said the father of the suspect. Joe Haynes pleaded with his son to end the manhunt. "Just want to say to Randy, to turn yourself in, you know how to get a hold of me and I'll go with you," said Haynes.

Although the weapon used in the attack is believed to have been recovered, authorities still consider Haynes armed. "Anyone who would aggressively assault and stab two kids like that, we're going to consider him to be potentially armed," said Chief Sheriff's Deputy Paul Scarborough.

There are currently two warrants out for Randall Haynes for two counts of aggravated assault, charges which a grand jury may eventually increase to attempted murder.

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