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LHS student starts anti-bullying page

By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A Facebook page set up to make mean and derogatory comments about local high school students no longer exists. That is after multiple requests including one from LISD to remove the page.

The creator of a new page says bullying is a problem on and off campus and hopes this is just the beginning of change. "As long as I'm keeping up the cause I'm happy with it," said Halie Steck who even away from her computer is standing up to bullies.

Steck created the LHS Against Bullying Now page. "I think it's time for a positive page and so I got on there and created the page and sat requesting people and people are adding it," she said.

Steck and her friends say bullying is a big problem and sadly they were not surprised to learn about the burn page. "Someone had to create the page to stir up drama before school starts and it is ridiculous," she said.

Facebook removed the LHS burn list page after receiving multiple requests to do so. Manning Pope, a LHS student, tried to get the burn list creator to stop. "There have been a lot of phone calls made to my house and my friends because people thought I was one of the makers of people who were burning others, but in reality there was only one person who was doing this. My friends and I were trying to get this person to stop and that's the only reason we ever got into this," said Pope.

Steck lost a classmate who took his own life, a friend she says was bullied. "I had seen bullying happen daily for him and I stood up and tried to stop it," she said.

So far the group has 115 friends and counting and Steck wants to create a group for students when school starts back and hopes the anti-bullying message goes viral. "It'd be great if everyone at school with Facebook signed up, but it is a high goal because there are still some people who are against the cause," she said.

KCBD NewsChannel 11 did contact the district for an interview on the issue, but LISD declined. After reporting the site to Facebook the district says it really cannot take any further action because this did not occur on campus or during school hours.

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