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Former Lubbock police officer helps investigate corruption he was a part of in Tulsa

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A former Lubbock Police Officer and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agent is helping authorities in Tulsa end a ring of corruption that he admits, through court records, that he was a part of.

Brandon McFadden lives in Lubbock and worked for the police department from 1999 until 2002. He left for Tulsa to be an ATF agent and got involved in a corruption scandal. Now he's giving up the names of other Tulsa police officers who McFadden says were involved.

After a grand jury investigation, the former Lubbock police officer pleaded guilty to a drug conspiracy charge that he said occurred when he worked alongside officers from the Tulsa Police Department.

McFadden admitted to stealing money and drugs, giving false testimony, and falsifying investigative reports. McFadden's been compliant and is working with federal officials to name others involved in the corruption.

A release from the department of justice alleged two Tulsa police officers taking McDadden to a location where they were threatened. The release reads "…it is alleged that Henderson and Yelton took McFadden to a secluded location and Yelton brandished a gun and while racking it made comments to the effect that McFadden needed to go back to Lubbock and keep his mouth shut."

 Even though he has pleaded guilty, his sentencing has been pushed back until October as he continues to provide useful information in the grand jury probe.

Last week, as a result of McFadden's testimony, five Tulsa police officers were indicted with charges ranging from witness tampering, perjury, distributing drugs, and conspiracy.

Tulsa police officers Jeff Henderson and Bill Yelton, the two McFadden claimed threatened him, were among those indicted. Henderson faces 58 various counts while Yelton faces seven. Attorneys are questioning the use of McFadden's testimonies.

Shannon McMurray, an attorney from one of the other indicted officers said "They are in a very unique position of utilizing criminals to come in to release themselves."

She wasn't the only attorney questioning the use of McFadden as a reliable source.

"Some of the counts read like a strange novel that appears to be made up," said Tony Allen, Yelton's attorney.

Interim Tulsa Police Chief Jeff Jordan says the department will fix their problems. "I will say that the investigation did lead us to some other things that we do recognize we have a problem."

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