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Meet the country doc of Tahoka

By Karin McCay| email

Edited by Kristin Beerman | email 

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) –  Dr. Donald Frietag is a home town boy, well sort of. He actually grew up in Wilson, which is about 12 miles away up Farm Road 400. 

Dr. Frietag says he loved coming back to Tahoka to practice medicine at the Lynn County Hospital District, where he has treated more patients than the population of Tahoka. 

Dr. Frietag sees all patients for all reasons from newborn to death and occasionally a few critters that come uninvited. "Has Lubbock ever had a skunk in their hospital? A few years back we had a skunk in the x-ray dept, the x-ray tech refused to go in the x-ray department and when we asked why, she said there's a snake in there!  We heard her scream then she wouldn't go back in," said Dr. Frietag.  "With the cotton field right there we get a fair amount of critters."

Perhaps the most famous patient in Tahoka right now is 87 year old Pug Parker.  You remember, he's the man who was airlifted to Lubbock a few weeks ago after he accidentally stuck his hand into a rattlesnake nest and ended up with 10 bites.  Mr. Parker is still in rehab, but at least he's in Tahoka.  At 87, it's amazing he's back on his feet and all those snake bites are healing pretty well.  We tried to bring you an up an update from him, but Mr. Parker said, quote, "Ah, that snake's already been bit and I'm not talkin about snakes anymore."

There is one thing we can all learn from this, Dr. Frietag says if you are bitten by a rattlesnake in a rural area, call 911 right away instead of driving yourself to the emergency room because they can fly that anti-venom to you faster by helicopter.  Most of the outlying clinics won't have the anti-venom because it's so expensive.  So, they'll still have to get it flown in from Lubbock. Just always remember to call 911.

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