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100-year-old Tahoka woman shares her secret to a full life


TAHOKA, TX (KCBD) - Trudy Schuknecht claims more people in Tahoka know who she is, than she knows who they are.  At 100 years old, she may just be the oldest resident in Tahoka.

"I'm not a slow motion person, when a slow motion person gets around me, I have the heebeejeebees," Schuknecht said.  She retired 28 years ago, but still keeps busy.  

"Every place I ever moved I had flowers," Schuknecht said.  She lives alone, and she likes it that way.  "I can come when I want, go when I want, and do what I want to do; I don't have to ask anybody," Schuknecht said.

This feisty woman still drives.  "I'm going to scare them to death; they won't want to come back here," Schuknecht said.  She took us for a ride around Tahoka in her beloved, baby blue, 1980 Chevy Malibu.  "I used to have a Pontiac before I had this one.  It was so low, it just hit the bottom, hit the bottom, but this one doesn't," Schuknecht said. 

When Schuknecht got her license in the 60's, gas was 14-cents a gallon.  "It was cheap, not like it is now that's for sure," Schuknecht said.  

She has a cushion to help her her reach the peddles.  "I'm not as strong as I used to be, but I'll do most anything," Schuknecht said.

Schuknecht takes her time behind the wheel.  "I drive to church and around town, but I'm not driving into Lubbock," Schuknecht said.  Her record is clean, no tickets, no wrecks.

"How old do I feel? Some days I feel like 140 or 150 or so, not really. I feel tired some days. Back in my 80's I could do a lot better," Schuknecht said. 

After Schuknecht retired from the school cafeteria in 1982, she volunteered at a local senior companion program.  "I sat with older people, but everyone I sat with was younger than I was," Schuknecht said.

If there' s a party in this town of 3000, Schuknecht will be there "I like a fiddle and a guitar with a little pep pep," Schuknecht said.  "You still dance," KCBD asked.  "Yes, I love to dance," Schuknecht said.

Schuknecht's secret to living such a full life is pretty simple.  I really don't know, the good Lord is with me; that's all I can say and hard work.  I worked hard all my life," Schuknecht said. 

Her Chevy has 23,000 miles, but her family says the odometer has rolled over - Twice.  "As long as I can do it, I'm going to do it myself.  Anybody that says 'Trudy lets go,' I say okay lets go," Schuknecht said. 

Schuknecht still works too.  She irons for a dollar a piece.  She calls it her spending money, and for the past 30 years she has donated a quilt to the hospital fund-raiser; she only missed one year!

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