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"Shattered Dreams" Could Expand Beyond High School

Many high school kids have witnessed the realism of the "Shattered Dreams" program, but now it could be expanded beyond just high school.

Lubbock County Chief Medical Examiner Investigator, Robert Byers, made a proposal to the Citizens Traffic Commission meeting Tuesday morning. Byers says he would like the "Shattered Dreams" program to be shown to people getting their license and people who have already been caught drinking and driving.  "Shattered Dreams" shows teens how deadly drunk driving can be by setting up mock accidents.

"They really don't see the impact of some of the decisions they're gonna make, not wearing seatbelts, speeding, losing control, running stop signs. This is the sort of thing they really need a visual image to be able to think about. Do I really want to do that? Am I in that big of a hurry?"

Byers says now he will take his proposal to the DPS, Lubbock Police, and Lubbock County Commissioners.

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