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Tuesday Nights Rain Good for Upcoming Cotton Crop

Cotton is coming up all across the South Plains and for weeks fields have been thirsty for rain. For young cotton plants Monday night's rains couldn't have come at a better time. With only two weeks left to plant their cotton the rain was a welcomed one for many area farmers.

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The half inch of rain received in Lubbock County was just enough to get freshly planted crops off to a good start but one cotton farmer tells us, he hopes mother nature is even more generous in the weeks to come. "It was really good especially where we had planted our irrigated. It was either up or coming up. It will wet it on down good, let it root down good. We still need some more rain for our dry land but this is one step in the right direction," says Don Langston, Lubbock Cotton Farmer.

Langston says farmers still need about two or three more inches of rain for dry land cotton before the planting deadline on June 5th. Since half of our cotton on the South Plains is planted on dry land, lack of rain on those fields could have a drastic effect on this year's growing season.

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