New Brownfield pool attracts people from well beyond community

BROWNFIELD, TX (KCBD) - Now in its third summer, the Brownfield Family Aquatic Center is a huge splash, and not just for the locals.

Director Jordan Herron says on a typical day, the park attracts between 100 and 200 guests. Herron grew up in Brownfield and says before the Aquatic Center's grand opening in 2007, it was just a large pool. While she enjoys working at the center, she wishes she had a place like it when she was growing up.

"Its actually pretty neat. I used to come here when it was an old pool. If I would have had this, it would have been a lot more fun."

Its attractions like the Lazy River, diving board, and water slides that make this one of the most unique places for families to cool down, not only in Brownfield, but other communities as well.

"We have nothing like this in Seminole so its for fun and entertainment….how far drive 45 minutes," says Nancy Heide, Seminole resident.

The Center is open daily through August. Admission is $4 for adults and $3 for children.

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