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Brownfield ISD excited about changes

By Michael Slother - email

BROWNFIELD, TX (KCBD) - The Brownfield School District will open a new learning center for 3- and 4-year olds this upcoming school year. It's an old detention center that they've renovated from the inside out.

School budgets will fund open enrollment for the 4-year-olds but there are requirements for enrolling 3-year-olds. The new center is color coordinated to help children learn colors and the carpet also has letters of the alphabet for teachers to use as a learning tool.

Superintendent Jerry Jones says teachers have had problems making sure incoming kindergartners are on the same learning curve, with open enrollment for 4-year-olds he hopes that will change. "Research proves that those kids that started earlier are going to have a head start they're going to be ahead of everybody when they get to the classroom," Jones said.

Jones has been in charge of several projects in the district including renovations at Brownfield High School. Changes to the commons area are most popular among students. "The kids like the booth concept and the bar stool height tables and its increased our feeding in the lunchroom," Jones continued. "The school pride has really made a positive turn and it's been because of all the new things that the remodeling did."

Restrooms now have motion activated faucets and toilets that automatically flush. A new mascot logo greets students as soon as they enter the building. The tennis courts and gymnasium were also renovated. "There's research that shows the facilities that the kids are in makes a difference in how they learn," said Jones.

Jones says nearly all the renovations have been paid for within the school budget. He's been Brownfield ISD's Superintendent for more than six years and he can't wait to see how the improvements pay off. "I'm going to finish right here in Brownfield, Texas and I'm excited about all the changes we've made in the last six years and the updates, it gives the kids a sense of pride in the community."

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