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Meet the country doctor of Brownfield

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Brownfield is a thriving medical community. With two dentists and five doctors in town, including two doctors at the Brownfield Regional Medical Denter. One who specializes in obstetrics.

That's Dr. Dennis Tedford., who's delivered 3,000 babies in his 17-years here including one delivery on a loading dock. But he says that was one package that was delivered safely. There's one pregnant patient, though, that really stumped him.

 Dr. Tedford tried all kinds of high powered vitamins on her. But he was getting really worried because she had no energy and was looking worse every time he saw her. "She was telling me she had to work so hard with these 30 or 40 chickens to look out after every day while her husband was out in the field. And man everything I was trying just didn't help and I was afraid I was going to have to put her on medical bed-rest or something like that. She came in to see me one day and she just looked you know like a million bucks and I figured well maybe we finally caught up and got the right combination. And I said well it looks like you're doing a whole lot better and said 'how's the farm and the chickens?" and she said 'oh, the chickens are no problem anymore.' I said "well, that's interesting. What happened?" she said ' Oh, the chickens are in the freezer now,' says Dr. Tedford.

Dr. Tedford says he has 5 children of his own, something he calls family practice at its finest.

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