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The Roomba: Does It Work?

Quit doing the mambo with your vacuum cleaner, because the Roomba Floor Vac has some moves of it's own. But Does It Work?

This cleaning machine is cordless, and here's the best part, it works all by itself.  There is a catch though, it's $200. Justin Martinez isn't pulling out his wallet so fast. "What do you think? Will it work?" asked NewsChannel 11. "It's hard to say, but if it can do one room at a time, it would be all right," said Justin.

Before we get started, the Roomba comes equipped with a bumper system. This device is supposed to create an invisible boundary for the Roomba. "Let's see what this can do with premium saltines," said Justin.

Here's how it works: turn on the power, set the Roomba in the middle of the room, select the room size, and let it go. "What about the noise?" asked NC11. "It's not as loud as I thought it was going to be," Justin said.

Our photographer followed the Roomba's every move. Under dressers, under desks, it bounced off walls. It went everywhere! And check this out, it never crossed the boundary, but it did a crummy job picking up the saltines. "It's ok," said Justin.

We did the same test on a hardwood floor. After 20 minutes of roaming the room on its own, the Roomba had done a better job and only left a few of the crumbs behind. "It picked up more than I thought it would," Justin said.

This pricey gadget is fun to watch and is a very intelligent machine, but a vacuum? I don't think so. It's bottom makes me believe it's more of a sweeper with no suction power. I wouldn't pay $200 for it. You decide if you want to.

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