Littlefield's first murders remain unsolved

LITTLEFIELD, TX (KCBD) - October 26, 1943 is a day that left the community of Littlefield in shock. Sixty-six years later, that reaction still lingers.

"It was like the day JFK died for the town of Littlefield because that was their doctor," says Dana Samuelson, author of Clovis Road.

Dana Samuelson writes about the day Dr. Roy Hunt and his wife Mae Frank were found murdered in their home, and the investigation that followed. Her recently released book "Clovis Road" details a rumored love triangle between Dr. Hunt and Ruth Newton, the wife of his med school classmate.

The author says Dr. Newton hired someone to kill the couple. He appeared in trial numerous times to appeal the case.

The Hunt family spoke out and says details in the book are controversial. The niece of Dr. Hunt tells us the community went from leaving their doors unlocked to being too scared to go outside. She says this was a major loss to the community and her family.

Another book by Christena Stephens is in the works with interviews from family members, details why this happened and how the Hunt murder remains unsolved.

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