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Mayor Issues Challenge to Lubbock Voters

The City of Lubbock isn't mincing words about the importance of the upcoming District 19 Congressional election. Today, Mayor Marc McDougal issued a proclamation imploring voters to get out and be heard.

We've all been receiving mixed messages for the past few months now. One campaign telling us to vote for this man, another telling us to vote for that man. But today the message is crystal clear, no matter who you favor, just get out there and vote.

Mayor McDougal delivered a powerful proclamation and a bold challenge to District 19 voters. He says although this is a busy time of year with graduations, weddings, and family vacations, there's no excuse for not voting. And city leaders were right there to back him up on that.

"We have young men and women protecting our liberties and freedoms. And by not voting, it's an injustice to those men and women," says Executive Director of the African American Chamber of Commerce Regji Davis.

"Voting is key and crucial. There is no excuse to stay at home. Vote early, do your very best. Take somebody with you. It's so important," says City Councilman TJ Patterson.

And at the polls today, it would appear there are at least a few who get the message. "I'm just glad that we have this opportunity," says one early voter. "Wanted to do our civic duty," says another.

And in this election, opinions vary. With two candidates on the ballot, one from Lubbock and the other from Midland, the 'us versus them' theme continues to sway opinions. Perhaps a clear indication that your vote truly does matter in this election.

"I voted for Conaway," says one voter. "I just wanted to vote for the hometown guy, Randy Neugebauer," says another voter.

Mayor McDougal also challenged Lubbock businesses to provide incentives to their employees who vote. The City and McDougal Properties are setting examples, by allowing their employees who vote early to where casual attire on election day, June 3rd.

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