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Ghost hunters investigate Littlefield


LITTLEFIELD, TX (KCBD) - For years, big screen blockbusters have spot-lighted ghost hunters and the paranormal.  Recently, a group from the South Plains had a quest that brought them to Littlefield.

From friendly entities, to spooky spirits, the team investigates when called, and some of the members are even from Littlefield.  They've investigated one building there and have their eyes on another.

They are the Caprock Paranormal Investigators.  "Paranormal is anything that is above normal," team historian Billy Don Hampton said. 

A team of 12 South Plains' ghost wranglers.  "They may have some strange sounds, can't tell exactly what they are," team case manager and investigator Donna Hatley said. 

They try to uncover the mystery behind the mysterious.  "It's pretty widespread; a lot of people deny it," team co-founder and co-director Brad Cotton said. 

"We'll start by asking questions," Hatley said.  The team looks and listens for any type of response. 

"We help families who are living in fear better understand the environment they may not be aware of," team sensitive and cleanser Melissa Olmstead said. 

"When you hear a noise there, I'm kind of the de-bunker of everything, and there are sometimes I can't debunk everything," Hampton said.  "If a door opens and it's because of the air conditioner, I can tell that."

"Silly, goofy, we hear it all.  Some of the myths are that we catch and keep them like Ghostbusters," Olmstead said. 

"Without evidence we have no case," Cotton said. 

A case investigation took the team to the Lamb County Leader, the newspaper located in Littlefield.  "I don't understand it, I don't get it, but I respect it," Hampton said.

Whether or not you believe, it's a passion for these people, something they take seriously.

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