Hale Center couple starts up radio station

HALE CENTER, TX (KCBD) - By Tiffany Pelt - email

HALE CENTER, TX (KCBD) - A Hale Center couple is using their new radio station to reach out to people nationwide, in an untraditional way.

There are no radio towers and no big equipment. "We worked at various radio stations until they couldn't take us any longer and we kept coming back here," Terry Wright said.

Terry and Sally Wright have been in the radio business for years, and after moving back to Hale Center they wanted to start up a radio station. The problem, there weren't any radio transmitters close enough. "We have this location here, why not jump off the novelty and do a first, basically in the world, Internet radio station with all the capabilities we've got from Hale Center," Terry said.

You can listen to Lite Rock online 24-7 on your computer and any smart phone including IPhones, Droids, and Blackberrys.

"We found this new technology in Internet radio that was right on the edge of technology, where as you go on now and listen to a good Internet radio station the sound is as good as FM radio," Terry said.

Not only is the equipment state-of-the-art, but Sally and Terry can be heard worldwide and already have listeners as far as France, Hawaii, and Alaska.  "When you listen to our Internet radio station you can't tell it from a station in New York or Los Angeles, until we start talking. Then you can pretty much tell that's from Hale Center," Terry said.

Their music is a mixture of oldies, adult contemporary, and contemporary hits.  They also have a two hour Sunday Christian music show and a morning show from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. during the week. "Play lots of music and have trivia and just information," Sally said, "and I try to make her laugh if I can make her laugh then I've done a pretty good job," Terry said.

For them it's reaching out to the community that makes it worthwhile. "We find a good cause and we can usually move people to unite. When we can get a bunch of people together people have become a part of something bigger than themselves. That's rewarding to us," Terry said.

To listen to Sally and Terry's LiteRockOnline click here.

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