Inches-A-Weigh Body Wraps

With the  Aloe Vera Solution, we have an average of 5 to 10 inches lost with each wrap. We are using cotton bandages that have been soaking in our all natural, aloe vera and herbal solution. Are you familiar with aloe vera?

The aloe vera is very good for the skin and also penetrates. We are using enzyme active aloe vera to penetrate the toxin cleansing herbs down into your fatty deposits and your cellulite. The toxins will be dissolved back into your lymph system. We put the wraps on warm so the pores will open, allowing the solution to penetrate faster.

You will lounge comfortably in the wrap for about 1 hr,  During that time there is enough dissipation of the fat cells that we get this very definite inch loss. You will need to drink a lot of water the next 3 days to flush out those toxins - so they are GONE -not like a water loss that would be right back. You will be even smaller a day after your wrap, after drinking the water.

There are no dehydrating salts, minerals or clays in the Solution and no chemicals. Your skin will feel smooth and moist. After the wrap, you will feel rested and fresh and inches smaller.

We will wrap you over your underwear, cotton working the best. You will want to bring an extra pair so you have dry ones to wear home. To condition your skin for the wrap, bathe with no soap. Use hot water and a loofa or cloth.- scrubbing extra where you want to lose most. Do not use bar soap or any lotion on your skin before the wrap. these contain animal fat and mineral oil which clog pores. We need your pores as clean and open as possible for the Solution to penetrate.