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Conaway Hits Lubbock to Campaign

On Thursday District 19 candidate Mike Conaway of Midland was in Lubbock pounding the campaign trail. There are only 12 days left until the election so the two candidates are hitting the large district as fast as they can.

On Thursday night Mike Conaway was going door to door in Lubbock neighborhoods, trying to meet as many people as he could. He came to the Hub City that morning, and will be here throughout the weekend trying to gain votes in what he calls a close race.

Mike Conaway started bright and early Thursday morning, sitting in with Wade Wilkes at KRFE. His opponent Randy Neugebauer was also there to answer questions from the show host and listeners.

After the show it was off to Idalou for Conaway, where he met with local farmers to discuss their concerns. "I thought he was good, he came in and visited with the agriculture people and he came over real strong, I was real impressed with what he said. I've been torn, I'm basically a Democrat but we didn't have a choice on this one so I've been struggling a little bit, especially since he's not from our area. But I feel pretty comfortable in Mr Conaway," says W.B. Criswell, a retired Idalou Farmer.

The farmers we spoke with all had similar questions. "All farmers have the same questions, we need a price we don't need support and that's just the background of the whole deal, but we know the government has to stay involved to get a price and he seems to be aware of the situation," says Bruce Isom, an Idalou Farmer.

For lunch Conaway joined the Lubbock Republican Women, sitting in on their meeting and once again asking for a vote. "I want them to know that I'm fair and honest and I have 30 years of business experience that I want to use as their Congressman. I've got life experience and talents that go has given me that I think are appropriate to take to Congress," Mike Conaway said.

After many hand shakes, and smiles, Conaway stuck to his agenda and moved on to ASCO. "The good thing about running for Congress is District 19 is that the people are very friendly, they may or may not be voting for you but they are very polite and interested in what you have to say so its been a very rewarding experience,"  said Conaway.

Conaway just wrapped up a seven city tour on the south end of the district, and after this weekend in Lubbock, he plans to tour the north end of the district. On Wednesday Conaway gained the endorsement of the Midland Mayor, and he thinks this race will be a close one.

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