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Little Lindsey's Life Saved by the Power of Prayer

The McCormack's were blessed with the birth of a baby girl about four years ago. Their one and only daughter, Lindsey, has overcome many obstacles since then, including fighting for her life soon after she was born. Her parents, Kerry and Tracy McCormack, are firm believers she was given the will to live through the Power of Prayer.

Lindsey looks like any normal four year-old girl. She rides her bike, plays checkers with her brother, and even does flips on her trampoline. But just seven months after she was born, Lindsey's parents discovered she had a hole in her heart that was growing.

"They checked it once a year and the hole was not closing any," says Kerry, her father.

Fearing the worst, the McCormack's had no other choice but fly to Houston to save their daughter's life, but it was a race against the clock and time was running out.

"On this heart situation, we weren't even gonna get into Houston until June, and Tracy got a call on April 4th and out of the clear blue they had an opening to come in and get this done," says Kerry.

Lindsey underwent major surgery to repair her heart. Doctors placed an umbrella-like device inside her heart to patch up the hole.

And thanks to the Power of Prayer, the surgery was a complete success.

"We were both brought up in church and realized the power of prayer and know that it's real, but until you go through something like this, you don't realize how powerful prayer is," says Tracy.

"Talking to God is just a release, I mean I don't know how people get by without praying. I don't know how they survive, but we definitely feel the prayer has been answered," says Kerry.

"If you have a situation that it seems there's no answer to, God's the place to go," says Kerry.

Little Lindsey spent just a few days in the hospital, and since her surgery, she has made a complete recovery. Her heart will heal completely, and she is expected to live a healthy and normal life. She starts kindergarten in the fall.

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