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New professor hopes to expand Autism services at TTU

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - If David Richman gets his way, then Texas Tech will become a world leader in understanding Autism.  Tech announced this week that Professor Richman will fill the endowed Jere Lynn Burkhart Chair in Special Education for Autism Education and Research.  Richman hopes to expand services at Texas Tech's Burkhart Center for Autism

Richman says, "From the people I've talked to already it seems to me like there's a dire need for a place for families to go and get an opinion on how to handle either a behavior problem that a child with Autism is having or an adult."

Richman's expertise includes behavior disorders such as aggression, property destruction and self-destructive behavior.

He envisions a future Burkhart Center in three parts, perhaps 3 floors on one wing of a building.  One would be services for families much like the current Burkhart transition program.  A second aspect would be a full inclusion pre-school where students with Autism have a chance to interact with developmentally typical children.   The third would be outpatient services where families can get ideas on how to deal with a child or adult with Autism. 

"Lets ... first do it for our community, then disseminate it and let the rest of the country and the world find out about the Burkhart Center at Texas Tech," Richman says.

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