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SWAT standoff in south Lubbock isn't what it seemed

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - New details are emerging after a SWAT team standoff in southwest Lubbock Wednesday morning that had a positive ending.

Dozens of police officers and the SWAT team responded to a 911 call in the 5600 Block of 100th Street regarding a possible hostage situation. A 73-year-old man called police and said there was a younger woman holding an older woman hostage at gunpoint in his home.

Once police arrived, they found the man outside and unharmed. After questioning the man, the police found no one inside the home, but they did find a weapon.

Police wouldn't comment on whether the man had a medical condition that would have led to the confusion but do say no charges will be filed.

"No, because it wasn't malicious information, he really believed that was what was going on," says Lt. Neal Barron with the Lubbock Police Department.

Neighbors were shocked to find their usually calm streets filled with police. Ida Craft wasn't at home, but her daughter was. After she heard what was happening outside her house, she rushed back to a surreal scene. "When I came home I walked in the house, closed the garage and had a swat team in my backyard, it was pretty scary," Craft said.

Across the street, Michelle Terry walked out her front door and saw officers armed with rifles. They told her and her kids to get to the back of her home. "I told them that we were playing a game and we were all going to Cannon's room and whoever could stay there the longest won," Terry said.

Once the streets cleared, all was back to normal. The neighbors were happy to see LPD take the situation seriously, even if it was only a false alarm.

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