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Black conservative group comes to Lubbock defending tea party racial accusations

Lubbock, TX (KCBD) – Lubbock Republicans say they brought in black conservative Claver Kamau-Imani to break down racial boundaries between the Republican Party and minorities. Kamau-Imani says the tea party isn't racist.

Kamau-Imani is the founder of the mission is to lead America toward a second emancipation by bringing diversity to the conservative movement.

"We want to get the message out here in Lubbock to redefine conservatism, a different face, a different aura, a different public perception," says Kamau-Imani.

He refers to himself as an Apostle, and according to a written statement, his message is this: if Republicans "Do not start infusing liberty in these [minority] communities ... we will totally lose our country to socialism."

Kamau-Imani's says Governor Perry is polling 5% of African Americans and that number needs to change. "What we want to do is find these hidden conservatives. Find these camouflaged conservatives by race and by neighborhood and challenge them to vote their values," says Kamau-Imani. His goal is to educate minorities so they can decide what they value and how they should vote.

"They vote for the democrat or they vote for someone quite frankly because of their skin pigmentation and that doesn't mean that person shares your values," says Kamau-Imani.

The Raging Elephants are organizing all over the country and will now be in Lubbock. The organization has put out ads like, "Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican." New ads from the group include "GOP is the new black." Kamau-Imani says those ads and commercials will make their way to Lubbock shortly.

In a TV commercial, Claver says, "The more money government has the less money you have. The more power government has the less freedom you have."

Lubbock County Democrats says the voting public knows where to get their information and decide their own political ideals. "They're making a pitch, they're using buzz words of every sort. That's not the same thing as using knowledge for decision making just to label people, make things simple. These are very complex," says Lubbock County Democratic Leader Pam Brink.

Thursday night Lubbock Republicans will hold a boot camp with featured speaker Cleaver Kamau-Imani at 6:30-9:30 p.m. at River Smith's Restaurant on 5th St. and Avenue Q.

The Lubbock County Republican Party is excited to get started and bring to Lubbock full force. "We have reached out some, but like I was saying we have a lot more work to do and we need to start again and build on that momentum," says Jane Cansino.

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