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Texas Tech fans gear up for football season; first practice Saturday

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Saturday is the first day of practice for Red Raider football, and expectations are high for this first season under new coach Tommy Tuberville.

Texas Tech fan gear is selling fast. Both "The Spirit Shop" and "Red Raider Outfitters" say they can tell team pride is up, because it is showing in their sales. "People have already come in asking about the new practice jerseys, the spring jerseys, we're already on this new seasons train," said Spirit Shop manager Greg Gatlin.

Freshman orientation brought big crowds, and they think the numbers will continue to grow as game day inches closer. "It's been amazing to watch these freshmen come in and understand what pride really means here," says Stephen Spiegelberg of Red Raider Outfitters.  

Their theory is that Tommy Tuberville is good for business. "Excitement level is up, brand new coach, that swagger is starting to come back to the university," says Spiegelberg. Tuberville has been the entire buzz amongst fans and shirts with his name are selling. Gatlin is trying to figure out how to market the new coach. "He doesn't have any gimmicks or anything like pirates, we're trying to see what happens there," Gatlin said.

Over at Red Raider Outfitters, Spiegelberg has been busy selling game day shirts. "We've been on a record pace with our game day shirt, best ever to this point. We've got to attribute that to Coach Tuberville being here."

The Spirit Shop says they anticipate sales to grow so much that they're planning on doubling their staff to handle to business. "School starts here in the next couple of weeks, football season starts here in the next couple of weeks, it's gonna get real busy, real fast," said Gatlin.

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