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The price of beauty may be paid for with your feet

By Karin McCay| email

You could describe women and shoes as a love hate relationship. A lot of women love wearing heels, but we also pay for it.

One doctor is helping women though with problems that are caused by wearing high heels. His solution: operating before they become a problem. Dr. Ali Sadrieh, a foot surgeon in Beverly Hills, calls this his patented Cinderella Procedure. He actually narrows the foot by shaving the bones on both sides and straightening the toes, as a preventive measure. Before beautiful, painful shoes become a problem. Here is his theory: "It'll probably take 10 or 15 years before this joint to become so painful she has to get foot surgery." "Imagine the doctor saying your cholesterol is through the roof, but you have no symptoms so come back when you have a heart attack. That's what we're telling women who have bunions or hammertoes. Come back when you get a joint attack. Come back when you get arthritis. Because that's when it hurts."

Not everybody likes this idea. There is a coalition of foot surgeons taking a stand against it. One of these surgeons is, Glen Pfeffer, M.D.Former Pres.-Amer. Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Soc.   "It's inappropriate to take the risk of surgery for someone who has no pain." "Plastic surgery is widely accepted, particularly in the face area where there's really low risk, but we don't walk on our face. "

So, the Cinderella procedure is controversial. But one thing is certain; the average feet take 100,000 pounds of stress for every mile of walking. One thing you have to decide before wearing high heels, would you go through plastic surgery on your feet?

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