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Pest control company says it found killer bees in Southwest Lubbock

By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A Lubbock family wants you to keep your eyes open for killer bees. Three more days and a local exterminator says there would have been thousands nesting outside their home.

"They were coming after our head and a couple landed on my arm. You brush them away and they come right back," said Paul Sardella.

Scardella and his family like to take walks, but for the past few days they have been less than pleasant. "I thought it was a wasp. I didn't know it was a killer bee," he said.

Frank Rodriguez, with the Bug Master, says killer bees can be aggressive and very territorial. Rodriguez came to the Sardella's house and saw a swarm above their front door.

Sardella says once he discovered what appeared to be a nest he called Rodriguez and within minutes the bees were dead. Rodriguez says the bees were in the early stages of building a nest, which is the best time to call in professional pest control companies.

"If they were hidden in the attic he would have asked me to call fire department," said Sardella about how dangerous the pests can be if they aren't caught in advance.

Rodriguez believes there may be more in the area and hopes people catch them before they become a real problem.

"If your vigilant be able to keep them under control and keep people from being hurt," said Sardella.

Scientists say it is difficult to spot the difference between killer bees and others. They say it takes a microscope or a DNA test to accurately confirm the aggressive bees.

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