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The future of the Lubbock Club

Sen. Robert Duncan Sen. Robert Duncan

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock tradition for nearly six decades has closed its doors for good. Members of the Lubbock Club, the city's only private dining venue since 1951, made the decision Monday evening. Atop the Wells Fargo building, the 14th floor club has one of the best views of the city.

While business isn't what it used to be, community leaders remember how important the club was for leaders making important decisions. "I think the aura of the Lubbock Club is just the fact that it is a place where leaders in the community have had a chance to meet, break bread and talk about the issues of our community," said Senator Robert Duncan.

Duncan said many important decisions were discussed over lunches or dinners at the club. Some of those decisions still impact Lubbock today. "From Tier 1 to Marsha Sharp Freeway, to boll weevils, to water conservation, I've had meetings on all of those major issues that have been important in my senatorial career that I've had up in the Lubbock Club," he said.

Greg Jones is currently the Vice President of Business Development at American State Bank. He remembers when his father had an office downtown. After the 1970 tornado, they went to check on the condition of the office when a friend made an unexpected discovery. "We were with someone that picked up a glass from the Lubbock Club, a cocktail glass that was completely unscratched lying there on the sidewalk. The tornado had picked up a glass and carried it down 14 stories and sat it down on the sidewalk," Jones said.

Former Lubbock County District Attorney George Gilkerson was a club member. He said heard stories of important figures playing card games and dominos, for money. "The Lubbock Club members thought I was going to shut them down, playing money for cards and all that," Gilkerson said.

One feature of the Lubbock Club members will miss is the view. On top of the Wells Fargo Building, just about everything is visible from the club. They still serve lunch for members and host private functions like weddings, receptions, and other private meetings.

"I recall when I was a young lawyer back in this firm in the 80s and I couldn't wait until I became a partner so I could join the Lubbock Club," Senator Duncan continued. "Typically I've had hundreds of luncheons at the Lubbock Club to seek out information or to understand where people are, or to understand what issues are out there legislatively. I'll miss the Lubbock Club."

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