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Consider This... Don't get Caught Texting in School Zones

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Starting this week on KCBD, you'll be seeing commercials from the City of Lubbock Traffic Department. The ads will be reminding drivers of an important new law this school year.

No using your cell phone when school lights are flashing. It's now against the law. So not only do you now face fines and penalties for talking and texting in school zones, you are putting children in danger.

Consider this: I'd like to see responsible parents and drivers join me by not only obeying this new law, but showing your commitment by taking KCBD's bust pledge. Buckle Up and Stop Texting. It's a simple concept. Join me and put the BUST sticker on your car window. Let's put the brakes on this dangerous trend, obey the new law, and make the roads safer in and out of school zones.

You can come by the TV station at 5600 Avenue A during regular business hours to take the BUST pledge or you can (CLICK HERE) to take the BUST pledge.

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