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HealthWise at 5 From 5.28

  • Brain Saver

Within 12 minutes of a cardiac arrest, brain cells start dying from lack of oxygen-rich blood. An icy concoction could slow that deadly process and save lives. Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory are testing an ice slurry that is poured into the lungs. The sluch is circulated throughout the body during chest compressions. As it circulates, it cools organs and the blood and helps preserve brain cells. While early research is promising, researchers are not yet ready to test this on humans and are still developing protocols for the cell-saving slush.

  • Eating Time

An evening snack might not be the bad guy of weight gain. Instead, the National Institutes of Health say that how much you eat throughout the day is the determining factor as to whether that snack is going to push your scale higher. They say that the time of day you eat is less important than being aware of how many calories you've consumed in a day. If you've taken in too many calories, your body will store the extras as fat.

  • Bike Helmet Kids

Young bicylcle riders who are taught about bike safety and helmet use, continue to use their helmets long after the lesson. A University of Washington study focused on fourth graders who participated in a school safety program where they received bike helmets. For the next two years, kids were interviewed about their bike helmet use and why kids do or don't wear them. About 70% of the students inerviewed continued to use their helmets even two years after the safety program.

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