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Voting Early and War Chests

The Lubbock County court house elevator door opened on the 5th floor, packed full of Neugebauer family, friends, and the candidate himself. All on a mission of early voting. "Did you vote for the winner?," Neugebauer was asked. "Yes I did!, Yes I did!," he beamed.

With less than a week to go, a snapshot of both candidates fundraising efforts looks remarkably similiar. Since the Special Election on May 3rd, just three weeks ago, Neugebauer has raised over $216,000 and Conaway, $197,000.

Who's who among contributors? In the Neugebauer camp, Texas Tech women's basketball coach Marsha Sharp with $1,000, and Lubbock real estate giant Delbert Mcdougal with $2,000.

On the Conaway side, oil and gas men. Including a $1,000 contribution from Halliburton, formerly headed by Vice-President Dick Cheney and Conocophillips with $2,000.

Heavy hitters from across the district, hoping their man pulls off a victory on June 3rd. "And so our campaign feels really good right now going into the home stretch. And I know Mr. Conaway's been working hard and we've been working equally as hard if not harder," said Neugebauer.

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