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The Simoniz: Does It Work?

Put a little magic in your hands with this. It's called the Simoniz Magic Maid. Yeah, another "As seen on TV" product. But Simon says, Does It Work?

The mop-looking device works by using electrostatic technology and comes with three attachments. But no instructions.

No prob. My photographer and I will figure it out. But we do know we'll need something dirty and we found a dirty fan for the test. The Simoniz was all over that mess.

First, I connected the 'Dust Demon' attachment with a few twists. After using the Demon, I noticed it wasn't doing it's static magic show. The dust was falling off the fan and not really sticking to the duster. Just some was sticking.

For the next test, I attached the 'Dust Devil' to pick up the dog hair my dog Willis seems to shed quite frequently. The static was present in the brush and the hair even stuck to the Dust Devil. But I was still able to see some of the dog hair in the carpet.

Our final test was with the third attachment that looked similar to the swifter but the cloth is washable.

The cloth seemed to pick up the dust all right. Then without cleaning agents, I wet the cloth with water to see how it worked that way. It picked up the dust fine as well.

I wasn't too impressed with the supposed magic that's in this cleaning stick. This stick isn't as magical as the makers claim. Simon says, it Doesn't Work!

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