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When children should begin swimming lessons

By Karin McCay| email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – We told you about the 3 year old Lubbock boy who drowned in a Randall County pool. That kind of tragic accident is all too common, and it's prompted the American Academy of Pediatrics to change its view on when children should begin swimming lessons. Instead of age 2, the group is now recommending that kids as young as age 1 should be introduced to swimming lessons.

Dr. Nicole Aristy has even made it a part of her pediatric practice now to give new parents a book on water safety for babies along with a prescription for swimming lessons. "it's like you have an ear infection, here you need amoxicillin and they do it, so handing them a prescription even though they know they won't take it to a pharmacy it's, 'I'm being told I have to do it. They're giving me a prescription. This must be important." The academy says teaching young children to swim is very important, but it doesn't mean they're drown proof. Dr. Aristy also tells parents that even when kids are comfortable in the water, they still need to be supervised because anything can happen.

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