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Old Church Made New Through Power of Prayer

The original Saint Elizabeth's Catholic Church on Main Street was built in 1935 and since then, the congregation has grown so large that having seven masses on the weekend became part of the norm. But members starting praying for a miracle and asking God to help them build a new and bigger church. Well after many years, that miracle finally came true through the power or prayer.

For almost 70 years, St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church has been one of the oldest centers of worship. On Sunday, the old church walls burst at the seams, holding hundreds of parishioners. "We just didn't have room," says church member, Kae Hentges.

So, members came up with a plan. "The people at St. Elizabeth's started dreaming and praying about a new church," says Hentges. But the new church would cost millions of dollars to build and there was no where to put it. "We started raising money, praying, thinking dreaming about our new church," says Hentges.

Slowly, money started trickling in, but wasn't enough to finish the job. "At one point we didn't think we could afford to build the tower. It was essential for the church. Yet members kept their faith in the power of prayer and the most sacred part of the church was added," says Hentges.

"We prayed a lot about it and someone came forward with the money specifically for our tower so we were able to build it in the end," says Hentges. But, in God's time, prayers were answered and 15 years later, the church is complete. "That was probably a good thing because of we had built the church 15 years ago it would've been on main street, but we were able to buy this property and so we love having our church on Broadway with so many other beautiful churches," says Hentges.

"Through prayer and perseverance and prayer we have been blessed in having this beautiful church," says Father Jim O'Connor, pastor of the church.

"One of the things I love about the new church is that it is a prayerful space. It's a beautiful space to worship God," says Hentges. A sacred space made possible only through the power of prayer.

"The dream that a people have and the vision that they have is intimately tied in with prayer because prayer is what sustains you as you strive towards your vision and prayer I think brings about god's help to bring that vision and that dream to it's completion," says O'Connor.

The new church is over 5 times larger than the old one and holds more than a thousand people. It's located behind the old church at 2305 Main Street. Though it was 15 years in the making it took a little less than a year to build.

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