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A Puppy Rescue

A puppy is recovering from heat exhaustion after Lubbock Police found a three-week-old Red Heeler locked inside a pickup in the hot, afternoon sun.

It was a near tragedy that should have been prevented. Fortunately, someone heard the little puppy crying and called animal services immediately.

A man that appeared to be in his 40's left a three week old puppy in his truck. The truck was locked and the windows were rolled up tight. Police had no choice but to break into the truck and rescue the young pup. "How long did you have him in the truck?," NewsChannel 11 asked the owner. "Oh, about 5-7 minutes," he replied.

"He's lethargic right now. A little dehydrated. His body temperature is coming back down though," said Animal Shelter supervisor, Laura Forsythe.

Forsythe says someone called Lubbock Police and Animal Services when they heard a puppy crying loudly from inside the pick-up. "This is what it sounded like when we got here," Forsythe said as the puppy was whimpering.

"I'm going to write up a report for cruelty to animals on you, ok? We'll see if the District Attorney wants to files charges on you. It's ridiculous to leave a little pup like that locked in that hot vehicle," said Officer Donny Reed.

"Did you know to leave a window cracked or anything like that?" asked NC11 to the owner. "Well, I was going to be quick," said the owner.

"Well, it's probably 120 degrees in that truck. I mean you hear stories all the time. Your station does them about kids and animals dying in locked vehicles. It's too hot. People need to know, you can't do that. If you're going to go do something, the best thing to do is to leave your pet at home. Find a babysitter for the kids. Whatever it takes. Don't take them with you and leave them in the vehicle," Forsythe said.

This story had a happy ending. "I'm going to take him home and get him something to eat. Get him into a foster home," said Forsythe. A cry of thanks and a lesson for this man that all of us can learn.

Officer Reed told the owner that if the puppy had died, instead of writing him a ticket for a class C misdemeanor, he would have taken him to jail.

The puppy is expected to recover just fine.

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