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Proposed Bill to Target Texas' Worst Drivers

The State of Texas is about to go after bad drivers in a big way. Lawmakers are on the verge of passing new legislation that will hike up fines and take away licenses. The bill targets speeders, red light runners and drunk drivers. It has already passed the Senate, and it's expected to pass the house within days. Governor Perry has indicated he'll sign it into law the moment it hits his desk.

The next time you're racing to get somewhere you might consider the consequences. A new bill proposes hiking up the license renewal fees for chronically bad drivers. The funds generated by the increased license renewal fees will go to Texas' eleven Level One Trauma Units. Including Texas' first level one trauma unit, Lubbock's University Medical Center.

Uunder the new law Texas will go to a point based driver system. Driver's will get points every time they get a ticket. The number of points we get will depend on the severity of the traffic violation. And once a Texan accumulates six points, renewing your license will cost be expensive, possibly thousands of dollars.

Lubbock Assistant Police Chief Dale Holton says the impact could be felt far beyond trauma units. It could also mean safer roads.

The state estimates the new law would amount to one billion dollars in just five years. Money that cash strapped level one trauma units could really use. The law could also mean fewer visits by the public to the level one trauma units, because of safer driving.

This bill is reportedly racing through the legislative process and it should be law within weeks.

The points will be erased, only upon the expiration of each drivers' license.

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