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Consider This... Roll the tax rate back

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock County Commissioners will have their first shot at a budget that includes a new operational jail this year. For years I've been told this jail will save county taxpayers two to three million dollars a year.

After questioned about back to back tax increases, it was implied to me that the money saved on housing inmates elsewhere could eventually be used to bring the tax rate back down. Well from everything I've seen so far, that two to three million dollar savings has already been spoken for by the sheriff to cover the additional cost to actually run the jail.

Consider this:

Planning for more jail staff started way before this year and we've already raised the tax rate using the new jail as the reason for years.

Instead of rubber stamping the jail budget, and all other county budgets for that matter, I hope commissioners will take a stand for the taxpayers who elected them and roll the tax rate back to represent the conservative majority. And if that means they got to tighten their belt like every other private business has done lately, so be it.    


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