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Lubbock County woman safe after fire destroys home

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock County woman and her three pets are safe after a fire completely destroyed her home Friday morning.

"You don't really think about it happening to you, but then it does. And that's really scary," says Donetta Rodgers who lost her home.

The trailer house at 10624 County Road 6870, just north of Wolfforth near 50th and Upland was completely destroyed by the fire. The woman, Donetta Rodgers was at home asleep when the fire started around 9 a.m. She says she heard something that sounded like gunshots that woke her up. She called 911 around at 9:05 a.m.

"There's a lot of furnishings in the house and it's very full. And with the extent of damage like that we had to break out the outside walls to get the fire out because the danger of roof collapse,"says Carlisle Fire Chief, Tim Smith.

Rodgers says her two dogs were outside, but she had to break out a window to rescue her cat. She ran outside without any shoes on, and a neighbor brought her slippers. She says she lost everything she owned in the fire. "I sat up and the room was full of smoke. The living room wall was just on fire," says Rodgers.

She believes it was an electrical shortage that started the fire. Rodgers says that there were no smoke alarms in her home and she does not have renter's insurance. Red Cross is assisting Rodgers to get back on her feet. A fund will be set up under Rodgers name at Wells Fargo Bank.

The Carlisle, Wolfforth and Shallowater Fire Departments responded to the fire. There is no word on what caused the fire. "The damage is so severe we might not ever know the cause," says Smith.

Neighbors say this isn't the first time a trailers has had problems in the trailer park. "We've had a shortage in our trailer before too. We've told the landlord about it and he's never done nothing about it. We had to take it into our own hands to fix it. So that could of easily been something wrong with her trailer too," says neighbor, Rosa Harris.

The landlord of the trailer park, Bettie Furno says she has never had this happen to residents before and she will offer help. "We do have another unit that we will offer her if she would like to move to that unit. And stay rent free for a while and get reestablished."

In the meantime, until Rodgers finds a new home red cross help her get back on her feet.

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