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Floydada hosts fire training school


FLOYDADA, TX (KCBD) - 41 fire departments came to Floydada on Saturday to train and meet certification requirements. Above all else, they got valuable education and practice that could eventually save lives.

"There's no other training facilities around like this," said future Floydada Fire Chief Craig DuBois. "We built this specifically for this part of the country because nobody else had a volunteer fire department that has this type of equipment."

This is the 27th year for the Floydada fire training school. They recently built a new facility for the event.

Andy Lancaster was with the Irving Fire Department for more than 20 years. Today he's teaching young fire fighters high angle rescue. "It's about as close as you can get without having a real incident," Lancaster said.

Lancaster says high angle rescue is essential for fire departments near farming communities because people can get stuck in grain elevators and are difficult to get to. "People get stuck at high elevations and you need to be able to have the rope training to get them down," said Lancaster.

Kurt Ecker is a retired Amarillo Captain. He says people would be surprised how often fire fighters see situations where they save people trapped in cars. "The extracation part is one of the aspect of what they call the golden hour," Ecker continued. "Anybody that's been hurt or is in trauma, you basically have one hour to get them to a trauma center."

"Even though cars are extremely well built today at high speeds basically the car collapses in around the patient and we need to get them out," Ecker said.

He and Lancaster enjoy teaching and sharing their experiences with the school and younger fire fighters. "We have the expertise that we use a lot in the cities and they just don't have the training available to them out here," Lancaster said.

Future Fire Chief Craig DuBois welcomes their expertise and knows it will make a difference to the people of the South Plains. "The communities in this part of the state can respond to any situation and be able to know what to do to save lives."

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