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SWAT Team Involved In Standoff In Southeast Lubbock

Lubbock police and the Lubbock SWAT team were called to the 24-hundred block of 95th Street Saturday. When police arrived, they were informed that 43 year-old Jerry Lopez was inside his house with a gun. After almost 2 hours, the standoff ended without incident.

The SWAT team had the house surrounded. University was closed from 94th to 98th St. Inside the home at 2413 95th, was a man with a gun. "At 5:17 pm Saturday, the police department was called in reference to a male subject barricaded inside a home," says Assistant Police Chief Tom Mann.

The man with the gun was actually the home owner, infuriated after a family disturbance. "The man had gotten into an argument with family members and they were scared, feared for their lives, escaped out of the house and called us," says Mann. Concerned for the public, when authorities arrived, they went door to door, evacuating neighbors.

"The police came to the door and told us to leave the house for our own protection. I don't know what was going on," says neighbor Samuel Brown-Dawson. Roughly an hour later, police have the man's brother try to calm him down. the man's brother called him and convinced him to come out of the house. Emerging with a pistol in hand, Lopez threw the gun to the ground and was taken into custody at 6:45 pm.

No injuries are reported. Neighbors are left confused. "My kids play with his kids, they've always been great people as far as i know," says Samuel Brown-Dawson.

Lopez is charged with aggravated assault, he was transferred to a local hospital and has not yet been taken to the Lubbock County Jail.

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