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Students, Parents, and Teachers get ready for the first day of school

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) Monday is the first day of school for kids from kindergarten through high school. We spoke with some students, parents, and teachers to see how they're preparing for the big day.

Cole Beasley will start 4th grade in a new school. He's nervous about being around kids he doesn't know, but he was excited when he found out his neighbor would be going to the same school.

"He's going to be in the same grade and we're going to walk to school together," Cole said.

It's his mother Kelly's first day too. She'll return to teaching after taking 12 years off so she could get her own kids ready. She's full of emotions when she thinks about returning to the job she loves. "Excited, nervous, scared, I think mostly excited. I'm returning same school and teaching the same subject," Kelly said.

Her daughter Erin has one more year until high school, and while she can't wait, she's looking forward to her last year at middle school. "I'm excited because I'm finally going to be an 8th grader and top dog. I'm kind of sad that summer is over because I don't get to sleep in anymore, but I'm excited."

Kelly has made sure all 3 of her kids have what they need for Monday, especially in the refrigerator "They'll pick out what they want tonight, put it in the fridge, and tomorrow throw it in the lunch box," said Kelly. Erin has her lunch all picked out and her outfit for the first day.

Savannah and Joanna Cunningham were finishing up some last minute shopping before the big day. Monday is Savannah's first day of high school. "I just don't really know my way around the school like I did my old school and just being at the bottom, a freshman, that's kind of nerve racking," Savannah said.

Her mother Joanna was picking up a few things to decorate her 4th grade classroom at Shallowater Intermediate. "Every day is a new day in teaching but it's especially fun at the beginning of the year because everybody's new." 

She has some tips to help parents get kids into a routine. "Everybody's going to be excited and it's going to be hard to go to sleep, but I would recommend that you get them to bed early and get up and feed them a good breakfast and just be calm and encouraging." 

Kristie Mcdowell will send her little one off for the first time. "[I'm] Just a little nervous. ‘Who's she going to be in class with? How's her teacher going to be with her? How is she going to interact with others?' " McDowell said.

With teachers like Joanna and Kelly, there's no reason to worry. "We love kids," Kelly continued. "That's why we do what we do and we're going to take them and we're going to love them and we're going to teach them. It's going to be a great year."



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