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Monster pothole causing accidents with no solution

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A monster pothole in the shopping center on 4th and Frankford causes problems for drivers with no solutions.

Driver pass through the plaza every day trying to avoid the hole. "They don't even see it and you hear a load clunk. You look over there and they're like stopped, freaking out and checking out their car," says nearby store manager Dana Neel.

One driver, Amber Maul accidentally hit the pothole head-on, causing her airbags to deploy and shattering her windshield. Maul says she has $5,500 worth of damage to her car and suffered injuries to her wrist and shoulder. She says she is stuck with this massive medical bill. "We were sitting there and we didn't know what happened, I wasn't even going five miles an hour," says Maul.

Store owners in the area say it's been there for nearly two years and it keeps getting worse by the day. The city does not own the property, so it is out of their hands, but the private property owner has not done anything about it. "I was just given a letter saying they weren't liable for that property and they didn't know who owned the property either," says Maul.

"I just really wish it would get fixed. It's a big inconvenience to people and I wish they would do something about it," says Michael Wilson who also had an accident after hitting the pothole.

Although this is a civil issue between the injured driver and the private owner. A Lubbock City Code Administrator, Stuart Walker says in the past they have filed a public nuisance on alike issues.

We brought your concerns to City Hall and they went out to the pothole Tuesday, saw the damage and plan to file a complaint with the private owner.

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