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Consider This...Don't Penalize Responsible Pet Owners

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock has a problem with overpopulated pets and this Thursday the City Council will take up the issue. They will hear arguments that we are euthanizing more healthy pets than we are adopting. They may also hear that the only way to fix the problem is through mandatory spay and neutering and mandatory micro-chipping. While those options may very well address the issue, the problem is in the word mandatory.

Consider this: No question we need a plan to reduce the number of unwanted pets in Lubbock. That answer should not come by putting mandates on responsible pet owners.

Mandatory spay and neutering penalizes good pet owners more than it controls the unwanted dog population.

Bottom line: I think the solution can be found by imposing real and tough penalties for irresponsible owners, not mandates for all. So this Thursday, the City Council should remember the majority of Lubbock wants less government, not more.

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