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LCISD needs lights to enforce cell phone policy in school zone

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Monday we reported on police officers cracking down on cell phone use in school zones. The Lubbock-Cooper District is having trouble enforcing the new law, because they're missing a key component.

In the school zone there are no flashing lights, so by law people can still use cell phones until warning lights are put up. School officials are hoping to change that with the help of the county commissioner.

Rick Saldana, Director of Safety for the district says he wants the lights to be in a visible area so passing drivers have no confusion. If the school zone were in city limits, the city would put up lights, but since it's on a county road, the county is responsible.

Lubbock County Commissioner Bill McCay represents the area. "We want to work with the school districts to make sure we support their efforts to make driving in school zones safer," McCay said. 

Finding the funds to put up the lights may not be easy McCay says mother nature limited their resources. "With what happened this past winter and July, every dollar we have is going to road maintenance. We lost almost 4 million dollars in road material," said McCay.

The district understands the tight budget, but hopes the county can find the money. In the meantime, they have a back-up plan if they can't get support. "In order to be proactive and ensure the safety of our students that's something the school district is willing to fund out of their own expense," Saldana said.

Both sides recognize safety is the top priority, and hope to come to an agreement that keeps everybody safe. "We can see exactly what we need to do to help whether they pay for it and we install it…you know we'll work something out," McCay said.

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