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Woman hides in closet, calls 911; three arrested

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) –  A southwest Lubbock neighborhood is on edge after a group of burglars broke into a home near 92nd and Colton avenue. The break-in happened in broad daylight but even more frightening, a woman who lived in the house was inside at the time.

Police got the 911 call around 10:45 a.m. Wednesday from the victim. She hid, just before the burglars got in and started going through her things.

"The police came flying around the corner," said Rosa Chambers who lives right behind the house that was broken into. Just minutes before Chambers saw the police, they got a call from a woman who was hiding underneath clothes in her closet. The woman told dispatchers someone was breaking into her house.

"She was home and smart enough to hid from them and not confront them," said Sgt. Mark Watkins, with the Lubbock police department.

The woman heard voices and the burglars going through her things according to dispatch logs. Within minutes, police were on the scene and say the suspects had left the victim's house. Police found 20-year-old Anthony Trejo, 18-year-old Cory Lara and 18-year-old Greg Hernandez one block away.

"We did learn later they had two stolen firearms in their possession. So they did have weapons inside her home," said Sgt. Watkins.

"That's good to catch them but it's definitely going to make us more away of things," said neighbor Kent Hebison. "That shocks me a lot. I didn't expect it. Some people say with school starting back they may try to do it then but it is kind of spooky it happened during the day."

"I'm sure she was terrified, but she was able to make the call," said Sgt. Watkins and because she stayed calm officers were able to get good information to help them make the arrests.

"Most of the time burglars choose the middle of the day because they think no one is home." LPD suggests keeping a close eye out for anything that may seem suspicious. Investing in good locks, an alarm system and even a dog could keep intruders out.

The break-in will have neighbors including Hebison and Chambers and others who did not want to be interviewed but told KCBD NewsChannel 11 they will continue to keep a close watch on their neighborhood.

"It was frightening. At least no one was hurt and that's the main thing," said Chambers.

Police did say they found evidence from other burglaries inside the suspect's car. They also found the victim's laptop computer and other items believed to be taken from the house. LPD believes the three men are connected to at least two other break-ins.

They face burglary and organized crime charges.

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