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Whatever Happened to the Inside 4Bar-K?

The Inside 4BarK restaurant was famous for it's Friday lunches. A place were the beer was free and the music was live, but it's mostly known for the private party catering. Business hasn't quite been the same in seven months for the restaurant. That's because it's been closed.

A fire completely destroyed the building in October. The cause of the fire is still unknown. So, Whatever Happened to the Inside 4BarK restaurant?

If you've ever taken in a little barbecue and free beer for lunch on Fridays, odds are, you've eaten at the Inside 4BarK. For 12 years, Chuck Kershner traditionally served lunch to the public at his rustic-style restaurant. He only did that only on Fridays.

However, an overnight fire last October killed that tradition.

The Inside 4BarK was a total loss. The fire completely burned 20 years of collected antiques, old relics, items that made this place special. It was a mess like you wouldn't believe. "You can't replace this place at all. You can't rebuild it. The uniqueness of it you'll never be able to match," said musician Marc Mason Harper seven months ago.

But that's not true. It's taken almost four months of hard work, but Chuck Kershner has the Inside 4BarK up again. It's twice the size, twice the dance floor now capable of fitting up to 550 guests.

The feeling is still rustic. Most of the walls are covered with 100 year old wood. "We tore down about three barns and added all the barn wood to the walls," said Chuck.

"Here's an old pot-belly wood stove that survived," Chuck pointed out. "That survived the fire?" asked NewChannel 11. "Yes. This was about 100-years-old and everything that was in the fire was rusted and burned. We just cleaned it up," said Chuck.

Remarkably, most of the $500 wood burning stoves survived the fire. Some of the flooring is original. A brick wall was salvageable. Even some of the telephone posts from the fire are part of the decor. "We've made a lot of improvements everything is new. Before, we used five to six evaporated coolers. Now we have central air and heat," said Chuck.

So, if you've heard you can grab the traditional Friday lunch at the Inside 4BarK, the rumor's true. Count on free beer, good food, and of course, the live music.

You can grab lunch for seven bucks beginning this Friday between 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Brisket, fajitas and homemade chicken and dumplings is what's for lunch.

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