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Biggest Loser finalist helps others lose weight in Lubbock

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A Lubbock man continues to shed the pounds after being cut at the last minute from being a finalist for NBC's hit show Biggest Loser. Now he's inspiring others across the South Plains to do the same after creating a weight loss help group.

After cutting Louis Constancio for the current show, NBC asked him to come back for the 2011 season auditions, but so far Louis hasn't heard back. "I did not get a call back but I was told and asked if I would submit a home video so we're currently working on that," Louis said.

While he's waiting anxiously to find out if he has a spot on the show, Louis isn't waiting around to lose the weight. Weighing nearly 500 pounds at the beginning of the year, Louis has lost 100 pounds on his own. "Dropping the weight in the meantime has been a phenomenal challenge," he said.

Along his weight loss journey Louis has created something bigger than himself called Transformation Club. "My wife gave me the idea and I said sure why not. It just grew and grew and everybody is losing weight in the group," he said. "It's just been an amazing journey."

The club gives people a chance to reach out for support as they take the steps to change their lives. "Even if you never make it to the biggest loser that doesn't mean people don't need help here," said Corina Constancio, Louis' wife.

Louis and his wife, with the help from Flex Fitness started the Transformation Club in April with just a handful of members. It's now grown to more than a dozen people discussing the issues behind their weight gain. "I got to following him in his Biggest Loser journey and it really inspired me," said Kristi Baize, group member. "When I found out he had a group here at Flex I wanted to come see what it was about."

Others are already seeing results. "I've started coming and I'm down about 24 pounds now and still working on it, but I started coming to support him," said Nancy Constancio, club member.

Every Monday at 8p.m. the club meets at Flex Fitness off of 3rd and Frankford to have group discussions on nutrition, work outs, and to get advice from Louis' past experiences. Many work out together, while some work out on their own time. "It's really incredible to see and it's exciting to see that other people can catch a little bit of his motivation his inspiration," said Corina.

Regardless if he makes it on the show or not, Louis' passion to change his life has already changed the lives of others here at home. "There are so many people out here who want that journey for themselves but they're scared to take that initial first step. He's just wonderful," said Kristi. "He just inspires me and you know here's a 400 pound man doing whatever he can and it just makes me want to be a part of his team."

"If this is your want, if you really want to change your life I can share with you what I've learned," said Louis. "I hope people reach their dreams and goals and what they want in life."

Joining the Transformation Club's support group and discussion is free, but to work out at the gym you must have a membership.

Louis expects to find out if he made the show in mid-September. KCBD NewsChannel11 will bring you Louis' updates as he fights to become fit.

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