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Texas Legislative Session Comes to an End

The 78th Texas Legislative session finally came to an end on Tuesday after a tough run. Legislators faced a multi-billion dollar deficit, major budget cuts, on top of the Democratic walk out that stopped Legislation. But in the end, our local Legislators say it went well.

Here's what passed this session:

  • A ban on same sex unions; schoolchildren must observe a minute of silence every day along with the pledge of allegiance.
  • A bond release, pending final court action for the 14 people imprisoned regarding the 1999 Tulia drug bust.

Bills that passed but are waiting for the Governor's signature include:

  • Additional fines for people who are repeatedly cited for traffic violations to raise money for trauma facilities.
  • Texas entering a multi-state lottery, such as powerball, to produce revenue for the state budget.
  • A waiting period of 24 hours before getting an abortion to receive material on fetal development.
  • Fetus legal status, which defines an embryo or fetus as an individual.
  • A bill for homeowners insurance, requiring large companies to charge new premiums, possibly lowering rates.
  • Tuition deregulation, allowing universities to set their own tuition and fees.

As for the bills that failed this session: raising cigarette taxes, and congressional redistricting, which of course would have redrawn boundaries for the states 32 districts.

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